About Us

With decades of commercial, industrial, and marine cooling expertise, Total Refrigeration covers a lot of ground… and water.

Total Refrigeration Limited is a full-service refrigeration and air conditioning company engaged in the design, installation, and service of all types of cooling solutions from small coolers, freezers, to large capacity industrial freezing, chilling, cold storage, and marine HVAC systems. We also offer heating, ventilation, and IPQ services to ensure optimal, healthy temperature and air flow levels in domestic, industrial and whatever working environments.

Total Refrigeration Ltd was established by Richard and Paul, bringing together a total of over five decades of industry expertise in all areas of refrigeration engineering. Also known as marine industry specialists, Total Refrigeration was appointed New Zealand distributor for Italian marine refrigeration brand Frigoboat and marine air conditioning brand Climma. Though particularly identified for marine superyachts, we can also design and build to measure whether it’s for a small pleasure craft, a Navy vessel, or a container ship.

With a long-standing working relationship with the Dairy Technology Services (DTS), we regularly work on farm servicing throughout Auckland to Dargaville. Other areas of expertise include cool rooms, bottle chillers, milk vats, wine rooms, heat pumps and ducted systems, including installation of blast freezers in hospitals in and around Auckland.

Through great passion and dedicated guidance, the founders were able to build a team of highly qualified and seasoned experts who, for over 35 years, grew the company’s reputation through word of mouth. We have diligently worked on providing standard installations and tailoring custom designs for domestic, commercial, and marine use anywhere in New Zealand and abroad. As market leaders, we supply and work only with premium refrigeration, aircon, and HVAC brands from widely recognised and highly trusted suppliers.

We are known to deliver top solutions… always. So if you are looking for the best possible refrigeration and aircon systems that money can buy for marine superyachts or whatever commercial and industrial application, Contact Us.

Our commitment to consistent quality work extends to our 24/7 technical support. Keep your system up and running! With Total Refrigeration, you know you’ll be looked after when it matters most.