Frigoboat Keel-Cooled Kit for 4-6 cu.ft. box

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Complete Frigoboat refrigeration kit for a well insulated 4-6 cubic foot refrigerator box where a medium-sized freezer section is also wanted.

The whole box is treated like a refrigerator, however the area inside the bin-shaped evaporator plate creates freezing conditions. Perfect for making ice cubes, holding ice cream, frozen meats, etc.

Now you can have an efficient, low energy draw ice box without having to depend on blocks or bags of ice to keep your food safe, your drinks cold, and your ice cream frozen hard.
Kit includes:
» K35F compressor and Keel-Cooler condenser (zinc version optional)
» Manual speed compressor controller
» 250B bin-shaped aluminum evaporator plate for upright installation
» Mechanical refrigerator thermostat
» Installation manual
All components come pre-charged for easy plug-and-play installation and virtually little maintenance.