Frigoboat Air-Cooled Fridge Kit, for 9-15 cu.ft. ice box

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Complete refrigeration kit for a well insulated ice box. Includes mechanical thermostat and manual compressor speed board for a 9-15 cubic foot well insulated ice box. Provides your single box with a freezer area. Evaporator plate is designed to be installed upright (vertical) so no door is necessary. Door kit can be purchased separately for horizonal mounting.
Capri 50 compressor with manual speed selection board
340B verticle mount evaporator
Mechanical refrigerator thermostat

All components come pre-charged for easy installation and virtually little maintenance. The area inside the 340B evaporatorn plate acts as a freezer space while all the area outside the plate is the refrigerator space. If you need to mount the evaporator plate horizontally, simply add a door kit (E52095, see related items).

Simple upgrades include a digital thermostat or the Merlin mini smart speed control to automatically run the compressor at the necessary speed, saving energy, but not compromising on keeping your food and drinks cold, or your the food in your freezer space frozen. Or get the best of all worlds with the Guardian, a digital thermostat with a manual compressor speed control dial.