Frigoboat Air-Cooled Fridge Kit for 3-5 cu ft box

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Complete Frigoboat refrigeration kit for a well insultated 3-5 cubic foot ice box. Now you can have an efficient, low energy draw refrigerator box without having to depend upon blocks of ice or bags of ice cubes to keep your food safe and your drinks cold.

The kit includes:
» Paris 35 compressor wth air-cooled condensor
» 130F flat aluminum evaporator plate, easily bent to fit the inside wall of your box
» Mechanical refrigerator thermostat

All components come pre-charged for easy plug-and-play installtion and virtually little maintenance. This kit is designed for an ice box you want to use as all refrigerator.

If you have a larger box, or want to have a small freezer section in your current box, please go back to the “Frigoboat” selection from the drop down menu and either select another kit, or put one together using the Steps in Design Your System. Or Contact Us and we’ll help you to make the best choice for your situation.

Simple upgrades include:
» Digital thermostat that is also a thermometer
» 130H horizontal evaporator, if you want a small freezer section to hold ice cubes or that frozen Snickers Bar!